Perfect Relief Foundation International

Perfect Relief Foundation Int.

Perfect Relief Foundation International

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Key Goal

The foundation’s objectives and aims are to promote the welfare and economic empowerment of disadvantaged widows and education of their children.

The strategy here is to deliver hands-on activity based and useful workshops in Ga, Twi and English to prepare them with the needed information and understanding desired in handling their capitals, fiscal projects, their lives and their families.

Vision and Mission


We have back to school campaign were we share stationary, school bags and enroll them into government schools.


Our beneficiaries are registered under the National Health Insurance Scheme and screening.


The present widows club gives needy widows a voice and an identity in society.


We intend to give younger and needy widows training to equip them start their small businesses.


_ Upcoming

Mobile library project

The community of Mamprobi lacks a central library, leaving children with limited access to educational resources outside of school. Despite attending various schools scattered throughout the area, children predominantly communicate in their local dialects, such as Twi or Ga, both during playtime and when interacting in stores or supermarkets.

To address this issue, the Library Kiosk Initiative aims to establish a community library kiosk, providing enhanced access to information and fostering a culture of learning among residents.

_ Ongoing

Mamprobi Hospital

PRFI (Perfect Relief Foundation International) is into community activities alongside caring for needy orphaned children and needy widows. Our second community activity was through the help of some amazing Financiers and in collaboration with Hon Alfred Oko Vanderpuye team went for a sod cutting exercise at the Mamprobi Hospital to do a reconstruction of the Emergency Room of the Hospital. We thank you all for your support and believe in us in our programs. We appreciate you greatly. Please reach out to us on or phone number +233248421357 and let’s reason together. Bless you šŸ™

Safety Net

We are embarking on a renovation and extension of a one floor house into a 2 story building to house 60 Needy Orphaned Boys and Girls, 4 Live In Social Workers , 2 Live in Cooks, A Borehole, outhouse Bathroom and Toilet Facility. It will be situated at Mamprobi. We are seeking financial support to acquire the needed items to Kickstart. Help be the reason, some little boy or girl slept or was kept safe. To support us, kindly send us an email on and we will get back to you. Bless You All

_ Completed

Mamprobi Borehole Project

Water, we say is Life. The inhabitants of Mamprobi today were graced with a community Borehole to serve the Mamprobi Girls School and neighboring areas with clean water. Water helps ease life and helps minimize disease outbreaks, lateness to class by students, amongst others. We are grateful for this opportunity with the Guidance of Honorable Alfred Oko Vanderpuye with immense support from Source One Ltd. We pray the Good Lord bless you and all you do for PRFI. Together we will see the change we wish for. Bless you all.

Educational facilities

Help us with school items and other aiding tools for needy orphans.Ā 

Good Food items

Good food, good health. You can help needy children with food stuffs, drinks, clothing and other amenities for better well being.

Health Care

You can also show love with health items, mobility aids, etc for our needy children.Ā